We have seen a lot of momentum coming out of the NFT markets. One of the most recent projects, Hashmask, which I wrote about in a previous post has been seeing a lot of traction. Hashmasks has seen over ~17,000 ETH (~$29,000,000) in trade volume on OpenSea. Below you can see the average sale price of a Hashmask on OpeaSea is around 2 ETH (~$3,400). However, it has ranged as high as 420 ETH for one mask and as low as .025 ETH.

Data Source: Hashmask — Traders

The maturity of the NFT market has brought very interesting developments. One that is very exciting is…

The NFT (non-fungible token) world has been receiving a lot of attention lately. Mark Cuban has even been tweeting about it. This past week a project called Hashmasks received a lot of interest from the Ethereum and NFT community. “Hashmasks is a living digital art collectible created by over 70 artists globally. It is a collection of 16,384 unique digital portraits.” They raised over 10,000 ETH during the initial sale of the portraits following the NFT sale schedule below.

Hashmask NFT Sale Schedule

FRST is a blockchain intelligence company that focuses on finding signals using on-chain data by identifying wallets that are more impactful in respect to the market than others. “Follow the money” is a term that FRST takes to heart. This goes beyond just following large transactions. FRST takes on-chain data and integrates external data to each transaction to provide more human-understandable characteristics to each wallet and transaction.

By personifying activity, FRST’s solutions enable our clients — traders, funds, and researchers, to watch and follow a specific wallet’s (or group of wallets) behaviors from when they invest in specific projects, participate…

No, we did not mean “stock market.” Source (Uniswap Twitter)

Crypto winter is over, and the pace of innovation in the blockchain space is accelerating. ICOs are out, and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is in.

DeFi has grown exponentially over the last year, with many innovative financial products brought to market. One of the most exciting products is the Uniswap protocol.

What Is Uniswap?

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange that facilitates the exchange of tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. It does away with the concept of order books, replacing them with an automated market maker mechanism that incentivizes liquidity providers.

For more details, check out Cyrus Younessi’s excellent article on the topic.

FRST — Thundr Pup

There have always been, and still remain, many questions about the nature and role of “inside information” in the world of cryptocurrency trading; questions that belie uncertainty about the market’s validity, legality, and future. As with many new technologies, cryptocurrency investing is a calculated risk, but how does one perform those calculations? Is being a cryptocurrency company, exchange, or originator (i.e. an “insider”) the only way to have a good vantage point from which to observe this risk — and your potential profit — within the space? I believe the answer is a firm no.

Blockchain data, which contains ledger…

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Building actionable blockchain analytics. Co-Founder @ Genesis Volatility

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